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Color is an important attribute of our world. It's an effective and efficient orientation aid and it influences our attention, our mood and our actions. To some extent everybody is an artist, or designer, making choices of color frequently. Your choices can make or break the attractiveness of our world.

Find good colors

Color Picker
Pick from HSL
color space and
get HSL(a), RGB(a), web / hex / html and luminance values.

Multi Model Color Blender
Blend two colors to get a harmonious color set.

Color Converter
Convert and compare colors from multiple color systems.

Color Names
Browse and pick by color names.

Color Schemer
Set a base color to create a color sequence.

Edit pictures

1-2-3 Image Resizer
Quickly edit pictures before an upload or a transfer by email.

To Black and White Picture Converter

To Sepia Tone Picture Converter

Gray Card
Download a printable gray card to obtain more natural colors in photos.

Read Articles

American Flag Colors
Experimenting with a layered icon font.

Color Resources

Online Color Tools