The 1-2-3 Image Resizer

The 1-2-3 image resizer provides a fast and easy method to resize images before sending them by email or uploading them to a server.

Why resize?

Pictures from a digital camera or mobile phone usually have a big file size. This is good for image quality but also a disadvantage if you need to send an image over the internet. Even on modern internet connections you could be waiting five or more minutes if you try sending an image in its original (file) size.

Furthermore, not reducing the file size of an image for email communication means to put unnecessary strain on email servers/accounts. Especially on email accounts with limited storage size.

How to resize?

The file size of an image mainly depends on two properties. The image's resolution, i.e. the width in pixels times the height in pixels, and the grade of quality which depends on the grade of image data compression.

You can reduce an image's resolution in two ways. For one by scaling the image. Scaling means to alter the resolution of an image while keeping the contents of the captured scene but at less detail. So, for example, you could scale down an image from 3648x2736 pixels to 800x600 pixels which would reduce the file size by about 20 times.

Secondly, you can reduce the resolution by cropping the image. Cropping means to discard unnecessary parts of an image by cutting out the area of the image you want to keep. This approach doesn't reduce image detail. So, for example, if you cut out an area about four times smaller than the original image you would also reduce the file size by about four times.

Of course, you can combine the two means of reducing an image's resolution.

To speed up the process of resizing your image the 1-2-3 Image Resizer uses preset values for the grade of image data compression.

Easy to use:

Copy images from your camera or phone to your computer and remember the folder you saved them to.
Open the 1-2-3 Image Resizer from your bookmarks if it's not open already.
Click on "Open Image" to open an image you want to resize.
This opens the "Open File" dialog window. From there you can navigate through the computer's file system to the folder where you saved your images.
Select the image you want to open/resize and click "OK". Or, simply double-click on the image file.
You can optionally change the resizing settings before saving your image.
Click on "Save Image" to save the resized version of your image.
This opens the "Save File" dialog window. From there you can navigate through the computer's file system to the folder where you would like to save your image.
You can optionally create a new sub-folder if you'd like to save the resized images separately from the original images.
Fill in the "File Name" input field with a name for your resized image.
Click "OK" and your resized image will be saved.
Start over at step #3 to resize another image.

Note on privacy:

Since the 1-2-3 Image Resizer is plug-in based your images are not sent over the internet! The processing of your images is performed on your computer.

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