Photography Gray Card

A gray card is an object of neutral color which reflects a certain amount of light. It is used to solve two color related problems in photography. One problem is a so called color cast (~ hue tint) in images caused by different illumination conditions and the cameras (in)ability to neutralize it. The other problem is the lack of a reference point for managing exposure time (amount of light captured), to prevent an image turn out too dark or light.

There are several good reasons to buy a professional gray card but if you are in a hurry or want to experiment you can also print a gray card first.

Consult your camera's manual ("manual white balance" and "exposure time") for instructions on how to use a gray card.


Description RGB Value Lab Value Link
12% Gray Card 31.37% / 80 34% Download *
12% Gray Card 33.33% / 85 36% Download *
18% Gray Card 47% / 119 50% Download *
18% Gray Card 50% / 128 54% Download *
90% Gray Card 93.33% / 238 94% Download *
Post Processing multiple multiple Download *
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