Convert Pictures to Black and White

The "To Black and White Picture Converter" converts colored pictures to black and white, or to grayscale respectively. The converter uses the luminance value of colors for the conversion. This way more detail is preserved compared to desaturating an image or using averages. Now you can convert pictures quickly, in good quality, online and free.

Black and White Photography

Black and white pictures can have a nostalgic touch and often bring more drama to the scene. The object of interest is gaining presence. The viewer is not distracted from (chromatic) color variations anymore.

In general, the contrast of light and dark in a composition is perceived as being aesthetically appealing. Black and white images underline this artistic attribute since the remaining six color contrasts depend on chromatic color.

Furthermore, the conversion to black and white often "softens" similar areas of the picture which is a desireable effect for portraits.

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